Worked on the web…

For the final post (for #MANG2049), I’ll begin with an illustration of the 5 topics discussed previously across several posts. Image Designed by Freepik Designed by Freepik This module has posed a different learning experience for myself. Instead of being provided with curriculum texts and notes, we had to do our research and further analysis from … Continue reading Worked on the web…


Ethics: From the real world into social media

Source: John Gavazzi on SlideShare According to the dictionary, ethics refers to “a system of moral principles”. Aren’t big words hard to comprehend? So, instead, I coin it as  ‘bad ethics’: Image Designed by Freepik It's easier to relate! Quoting from Jay Shepherd (2011) in his book, unethical behaviour is “like pornography: You know it when you see … Continue reading Ethics: From the real world into social media

A Reflection on “Building a Digital Professional Portfolio”

We’re halfway through the module. How fast! “Building a Digital Professional Portfolio” has been a practical lesson in equipping us with skills for the final assessment. Especially from reading Jia Jiun’s post. His detailed focus on effectively delivering your professionalism across to potential employers led me to think towards another aspect. Should we then even … Continue reading A Reflection on “Building a Digital Professional Portfolio”

Build a Digital Professional Portfolio

Let’s do away with statistics first! It’s the results of a recent LinkedIn @Work survey. (Statistics) Source: HRM Asia \ Image Designed by Freepik I was quite surprised. I know my ex-colleagues do Facebook searches on incoming employees, but I didn’t know that we place that much importance on this “trend”. So, I’m guessing we all recognise the significance … Continue reading Build a Digital Professional Portfolio